What to expect when  you visit us

During your visit today you can expect:
  • To be seen by a consultant or breast speciality doctor who will assess and examine you. Please tell the receptionist if you want to be seen by a female - this may mean that you have to be re-booked to another day.      
  • After the examination the doctor will decide if you need further tests, this can include; Mammogram (an x-ray of your breasts), ultrasound scan or biopsy. We try our best to ensure that these tests are completed on the same day. However this isn't always possible and you may be asked to attend at a different time. 
  • If a biopsy is taken today a further appointment will be made for 2-3 weeks time for the results of this. 

Please be aware that during your visit with us today, you may be here for up to 3 hours.