For patients with heart related illnesses, urgent cardiac problems, from heart attacks to rhythm problems and heart failure. 

We provide swift access to investigations and deliver a full range of inpatient and outpatient services, including pacemaker insertion.

Our inpatient ward has 29 beds. Eight beds are fitted with monitoring equipment.  

Location: Core B, Level One, PCH. The Cardiac Departments are on the first floor on Core B (the orange zone).

  • Inpatients - will either be in our CCU or the Cardiac Ward

  • Outpatient tests - will be in our Cardiac Investigation and Angiography departments  (just next door)



Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

Our CCU has 12 beds, which are fitted with specialist monitoring equipment.

Cardiac investigations

Our Cardiac Investigations department performs diagnostic tests and reports  including echocardiography, cardiac treadmill tests, pacemaker testing and cardiac monitoring (24 hour tapes for heart rhythm and blood pressure analysis). 

We support the Cardiac Angiography Department, which performs angiograms, cardioversions, pacemaker insertions and implantable loop recorders.

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Our team:

We have three consultant cardiologists – Dr Jo Porter, Dr Denise Braganza and Dr Brian Gordon. Our specialist nurses are members of the following teams:   

  • Acute Coronary Syndrome team      
  • Heart Failure team
  • Arrhythmia Nurse team
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation team
  • Cardiac Research team    

Our Cardiologists see outpatients in Peterborough, Stamford, Spalding and Doddington. 

GPs can arrange appointments for patients who need to be seen urgently. They make appointments for patients who have chest pain to attend the Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic and arrange for them to attend open access exercise, treadmill tests and access echocardiography services. 

Cardiac procedures can be organised in our department by a specialist booking team.

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Cardiology opening hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Contact Cardiology: (main hospital)  01480 416416

We provide a comprehensive service in Cardiology medicine and diagnostics, offering inpatient and outpatient services in addition to day case cardio versions.

The Cardiology team consists of two consultants and two nurses who specialise in heart failure and rehabilitation. 

Where necessary, we work in partnership with colleagues at Papworth Hospital for more complex Cardiology conditions and diagnostics.

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Cardiomyopathy UK is the leading national charity for people affected by the heart muscle diseases cardiomyopathy and myocarditis. The charity offers a clinical nurse helpline, clinical education for clinicians, information resources and advice on how to live well with the condition. The charity understands the importance of peer support and we offer a network of support groups throughout the UK which give patients and their families an opportunity to hear from expert speakers and meet others similarly affected in their local area.

For more information and upcoming meeting dates for our Cambridge support group see our website:

Facebook Page: Cardiomyopathy UK

Facebook Closed Patient  Closed Group: Cardiomyopathy UK

Twitter: @Cardiomyopathy

Instagram: Cardiomyopathy UK

Helpline: 0800 018 1024