Paediatric Dietetics Department

Our Paediatric dietetic team is based in the Rainforest Outpatient area at Peterborough City Hospital. Covering wards at both Peterborough (Amazon, Jungle and NICU) and Hinchingbrooke (Holly and Special Care Baby Unit) Hospitals. Outpatient clinic are held at Peterborough and Stamford hospitals. Our patients include infants, toddlers, pre-teens and teens, moving on to adult services from the age of 16 years. We support children with a variety of conditions including Coeliac disease,  Food Allergies, Cystic fibrosis, feeding difficulties, cardiac problems,  premature babies and children with neuro disabilities along with patients requiring tube feeding.  Find out more about what paediatric dietitians do here (BDA)

Please contact us on the below number only if your child is are already under our care. Please telephone 07133 673217 with your child's DIS number.

Paediatric Dietetics Team

Sue Pack, Paediatric Dietician Team Leader.png
Sue Pack, Paediatric Dietician Team Leader
Sue Pack, Dietitian Team Leader
(Preterm nutrition and neuro disabilities)
Lezanne Niehaus
Lezanne Niehaus
Lezanne Niehaus, Paediatric Dietitian
(Food allergies and cystic fibrosis)
Sally McMillan.jpg
Sally McMillan
Sally McMillan, Paediatric Dietitian
(Coeliac disease and general work)