Our Urology service treats patients with diseases of the urinary and genital tract.

Treatment and services offered:

  • Destruction of kidney stones
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Keyhole prostate surgery (TURP, LASER prostatectomy)
  • Diagnostic endoscopic examination of the bladder (cystoscopy)
  • Haematuria
  • Bladder, prostate, testicular and kidney cancers
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Erectile dysfunction and male infertility
  • Bladder difficulties and urninary urge incontinence
Our team includes four urology consultants and their secretarial assistants, two specialist registrars, two urology staff grades, one senior house officer and four pre-registered house officers.


We have a nurse practitioner, continence services manager and other specialist nursing staff.

Our Urology service is run at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.  We also cooperate with our neighbouring Trusts including the Urology Department at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

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Our service

Treats patients with diseases of the urinary and genital tract.  Urology is  mainly a surgical speciality, using a high degree of of innovative new equipment to carry out telescopic, laser and keyhole surgery to treat the prostate, bladder, kidneys, testes and penis.

Our outpatient clinics at Hinchingbrooke hospital are run at the Treatment Centre. The majority of our work is done in outpatients or short-stay settings, but some more complex cases may be carried out as inpatient procedures. We also have an outpatient clinic at Doddington Hospital

We are the region centre for Green Light LASER Prostatectomy with our own onsite Lithotripter to deal with kidney Stones. We can also offer Botox treatment in the bladder for patients suffering with an overactive bladder as well as a dedicated metabolic Stone Clinic.

We are currently unable to offer services related to paediatric urology.