Quality Improvement

The Trust’s Quality Improvement Strategy is supported by a team that works across the Trust and supports our staff to:

  • understand the basic principles of quality improvement, and learning through testing and measuring changes
  • use techniques to pilot small scale changes and measure the results
  • understand when a change is an improvement
  • coach and support leaders of improvements
  • share findings and results

The Quality Improvement Team focuses on safety, improvement and learning, working closely with teams such as; the learning centre, clinical library, clinical audit, research and development, information services, simulation educators, practice development, medical education and patient safety team.

Our Quality Improvement Strategy 2021-24, covers our plans and approach for supporting our staff at frontline to drive and deliver the changes to improve safety, quality, experience, and efficiency.

Improvement work involves testing and measuring changes to see if a change is an improvement. Here are some examples of improvement work at our Trust:

  • Making sure we collect the right information as early as possible when being admitted as an emergency patient. 
  • Improving the environment for our cancer diagnosis and treatment patients
  • Introducing a new role, our Specialist Healthcare Assistant Mentors onto wards to help healthcare assistants settle in
  • If you or your family member has dementia, helping you to navigate to key areas of your hospital like toilets through dementia-friendly colours and signs
  • Having all the right professionals work together quickly when you have a rib fracture to help you recover quickly and reduce your stay in hospital

Your experiences and feedback helps to drive our improvement. We proactively seek the views of patients about quality improvement through:

  • Our Patient Voice Partners, who are members of the Trusts’ Quality Improvement Advisory Group
  • Using themes from patient feedback to drive improvement
  • Further plans to support wider networks of staff and patients working together to drive improvements
  • Working with our patient experience team


We work with NHS Elect to provide our staff and volunteers with various Quality Improvement training opportunities. These include: 

  • Online Courses - Online webinars and courses from NHS Elect covering topics from quality improvement, leadership, marketing and many more.
  • In-house Level 1 Quality Improvement Training – open to all staff and volunteers, covering the basics of QI and how to measure change. An ideal short introduction into Quality Improvement before starting improvement work.
  • Quality Improvement Practitioner’s Training Course – a 4 day course delivered over 4 months, completed alongside an improvement project. The course teaches various stages of Quality Improvement project work, and allows time to work through an initial pilot project and make positive changes directly within your work space.  
  • Quality Improvement Coaches Training Course  –  a 4 day course aimed at supporting staff to coach individuals through improvement work. A 4 day course delivered over 4 months, this course will provide staff with the skills and information to coach from a Quality Improvement perspective. 


We work with partner organisations to learn together and drive forward innovation

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