A day in the life of a Sepsis Nurse

Leanne and Gemma with Chairman
Leanne [left] and Gemma [right] with chairman Rob Hughes

Leanne is one of the Trust’s specialist sepsis nurses. Our sepsis nurses began the year by running a two-month long awareness campaign across the Trust to raise the profile of sepsis recognition and treatment. Leanne shared a day in her life during the campaign. 

I don’t tend to have a set daily routine, but most days do begin the same with an early wakeup call by my children. After some playtime, I head off to the office I share with my fellow sepsis nurse, Gemma. At the moment our focus is on our sepsis campaign, we’re going across the Trust’s sites to meet with staff and talk about sepsis recognition and treatment. I’ll check my schedule for the day and load up our sepsis campaign trolley with leaflets and sweets. 

The first appointment of the day is at the Woodlands Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital where I delivered training to the chemotherapy nurses. We had some valuable conversations about neutropenic sepsis, a life threatening complication of anticancer treatment, and also discussed how sepsis had affected them personally. While I was there I booked in some meeting dates to return to speak to the palliative care team and other members of the Woodlands Team. 

I then spoke to all the matrons across sites about the sepsis campaign and how they can help us improve compliance with treatment and screening. We discussed how we can monitor and report incidents of sepsis within the organisation and ways to make sure that our sepsis campaign adds value to all staff. 

After the matron meeting I went over to Peterborough for our Sepsis Super Team session with Gemma and Sara from the Critical Care Outreach Team. Our sepsis super stars are amazing! They come from a variety of specialisms and are helping to promote sepsis within their departments. We talked about the awareness campaign and had some great discussions about the limitations they’re facing and ideas for improvement. 

My next appointment was with the Joint Ward Managers Meeting to discuss the importance of engagement with our awareness campaign at ward level, the way ward managers can help us and how we can help them. 

I finished the day back at the office to follow up on all my emails and enquiries. Then I went home to spend time with my children and husband, and to get ready to do it all again the next day!