Former patient donates fridges to Haematology/Oncology Ward

Former patient donates fridges to Haematology/Oncology Ward

Ward Manager Laura Doyle with Fridge

Former patient, Lesley Kalina has donated two fridges for cancer patients receiving care at Peterborough City Hospital.

Lesley, who is from Peterborough, began fundraising for the hospital after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer in 2011 and has spent the last eight years supporting the Haematology/Oncology Ward with regular donations.

Over the years, her donations have bought a number of items including twelve fridges for the patient rooms. Unfortunately two of the fridges have since broken but Lesley very kindly replaced them.

Lesley said: “Each year I work with friends, family, and local businesses to organise fundraising activities, with all the money going towards purchasing equipment that benefits both the patients and the staff. I would like to say thank you to Lesley Ruskin, a former patient on the ward, and her family, who donated the money for the new fridges.”

Laura Doyle, Ward Manager on the Haematology/Oncology Ward, said: “Lesley has a unique perspective and really sees things from the view of the patient. The fridges have made a huge difference to our patients, making their stay much more comfortable. We can’t thank Lesley enough for everything that she has done for the department and our patients.”

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