Friends of Stamford Hospital donate new equipment

Baby in BabyFix Cocoon

The Friends of Stamford Hospital have donated a special piece of equipment to the MRI Unit for use by our tiniest patients.

The BabyFix Cocoon is a soft vacuum immobilisation device that safely wraps a new-born baby to keep him or her safe and comfortable during MRI scanning.  If a baby can lie still, this often avoids the need for a general anaesthetic.

MRI scanning of new-borns is not an everyday occurrence and the images are often unreadable due to the child moving. This equipment, in conjunction with the state of art noise-reduction capabilities of the Stamford Hospital MRI scanner, will enable infant imaging in a patient-friendly environment with a higher success rate.

Karen Smith, MRI Section Head said: “Parents can easily see the child and the comfortable positioning makes it a much better experience for both baby and parent.

“This is a marvellous piece of equipment and the MRI team are very grateful for the continued support of the Friends of Stamford Hospital to increase patient safety and wellbeing.”

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