Making every day in our hospitals an outstanding one!


Life in our hospitals is always busy, but that does not mean the quality of our patients’ experience should suffer as a result.

We want to ensure that every patient or visitor has an outstanding experience, when they come to hospital – and that goes for our staff and volunteers, too.

To support this, we have launched the Good To Outstanding programme across all the hospital sites we run. The programme will help us deliver improvements to life in our hospitals for all.

Chief Executive Caroline Walker launched the programme to staff on Monday 28 October 2019. She said: “Good things happen every day in our hospitals, and by working together, making improvements where we see opportunities, we can turn a good experience into an outstanding one – whether that’s for a patient or a colleague.

“To be outstanding at what we do is not just measured by the CQC. It’s measured by every patient as they leave an appointment or a ward after an inpatient stay. It’s also measured by us, the workforce, every day, as we reflect on the time we have spent caring for patients or supporting those staff delivering care on the front line. 

“I would like our staff to get involved in the Good To Outstanding programme. I hope it will inspire them to think about the improvements they can make to the service or the area in which they work.” 

The programme is underpinned by five key workstreams which will focus on specific areas of activity where we know improvements are most important and will have the greatest impact. These are:

  • Outstanding Health and Wellbeing
  • Outstanding Patient Care
  • Outstanding People
  • Outstanding Leadership
  • Outstanding Communications

We will be prioritising development of the Outstanding Health and Wellbeing workstream for the first 12 months of the programme in response to staff feedback. Helping our staff to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing is fundamental to the smooth running of our hospitals.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve your experience in our hospitals, please email