Trust appoints seven new Public Governors to represent local residents

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Seven new Public Governors have been appointed to join the Council of Governors at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust – which runs Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Peterborough City Hospital and Stamford & Rutland Hospital.

Steve Reiss has been elected to represent members living in Stamford and South Lincolnshire. Mr Reiss lives in Stamford where he had been a GP partner for the last 28 years, and has just retired.

Junaid Bhatti, David Evans and Stephen Hodson have stepped in to three vacancies within the Trust’s Greater Peterborough constituency.   Baron Bhatti is a Peterborough resident, a former bank manager and an NHS employee, and Mr Evans had a successful career in the RAF and has worked in a volunteer youth organisation for the last 12 years.  Mr Hodson has recently retired from running his own business.

Miss Emilie Hall has been appointed Staff Governor for Peterborough City Hospital.  She is a staff nurse on Amazon Children’s Ward and is looking forward to acting as a liaison between the staff and the Board.

Kenneth Leafe, Zbys Fedorowicz and Bob Mason have taken up three vacant governor roles within the Huntingdonshire constituency.  Mr Leafe has lived in the Huntingdon area for over 30 years and has worked at senior levels of UK and overseas government.  Mr Mason is retired from 30 years in the RAF and wants to give back to the hospital in conjunction with his volunteering in the Emergency Department at Hinchingbrooke.  Mr Fedorwicz is new to the area, but has worked with senior government and healthcare policymakers. 

Trust chairman Rob Hughes, said: “On behalf of our Council of Governors and the Trust Board of Directors, I would like to welcome our seven new Public Governors to our Trust. We look forward to working with them this summer. Our next Council of Governors meeting takes place on 4 September at 10am in the Meeting Hall of Stamford and Rutland Hospital, where members of the public are very welcome to join us to hear how their local hospitals are run.”

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