Trust staff bare their arm for flu

Staff at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust are preparing for the winter season by baring their arms and having their annual flu vaccinations.

For this year’s flu campaign, a record number of staff have volunteered to become peer vaccinators, who are trained to administer the flu vaccination to colleagues.

“We’ve found that using peer vaccinators encourages more people to be vaccinated without having to take time out of their working day.” Says Dr Kanchan Rege, Medical Director.

Last year over 200 patients were admitted to our hospitals displaying flu symptoms. Patients were aged from new born to 95 years old and were admitted with a primary diagnosis of flu, showing that the virus can affect people of all ages.

Brian Griffiths, Trust Occupational Health Manager, said:  “The best way to prevent flu is to have the vaccination; this is available for everyone, even those who feel they are fit and healthy. It doesn’t just protect the individual it protects patients, family and friends and themselves from becoming unwell.”

Last year the national average for hospital staff having the flu vaccination was

70.3%. As a Trust 73.2% of staff voluntarily had the flu vaccine and we are aiming to achieve higher this year.