Boost for cardiac patients at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

Two local hospitals have been able to buy equipment to support cardiac patients thanks to a donation from The British Cardiac Patients Association (BCPA).

The Association was started from Papworth Hospital in the early ‘80s, but due to lack of volunteers and reduced income, the Association is closing and instead has distributed its funds to medical centres in the area, one of which was North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Peterborough City Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

The funds were required to be spent on equipment to support the diagnosis, treatment or after care of patients with heart problems.

The Trust has chosen for its Peterborough site an eBike Ergometer, which is a supine bike used to exercise patients with known or suspected cardiac disease in a controlled way whilst using ultrasound to check their heart at the same time.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital will benefit from further monitoring systems to complement the current monitoring services the hospital offers and two augmented reality training devices which allow physiologists and cardiac registrars at both hospitals to improve their understanding of the anatomy of the heart and ultrasound views.

Head of Cardiac Investigations for the Trust, Michael Purdon, said: “We are extremely grateful to the BCPA for their generosity.

“This equipment will support more one-stop valve clinics and reduce repeat visits to our sites while improving timely planning and disease detection for our patients.”