Mother's Day - Celebrating our staff - Helen Graham

Helen Graham, Midwife

Continuing our Mother's Day campaign we are focusing on Helen Graham.

Helen is a Midwife at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and has been the Birth Afterthoughts Specialist for eight years and Midwife for 23 years. Here she explains what she does to support new parents that come into the unit.

She said: “My role is to give parents who have been through a traumatic birth experience the opportunity to come back afterwards and have a debrief and to go through their notes. Sometimes parents are confused and traumatised when their birth hasn’t gone as planned and the meeting is a chance for them to express their feelings.

“We have a team of four midwives who run the clinic once a fortnight and we can provide extra help and support afterwards.

“I am really interested in perinatal mental health support and I like to be able to give women and their partners that time to have their feelings listened to and validated. It can be emotionally draining at times, but the best part of my job is seeing the results that my support can provide. From the parents coming into the meeting feeling very emotional about the birth, to making parents feel empowered.

“For Mother’s Day I will be taking my mum out for afternoon tea on Saturday and then having Sunday lunch with my two daughters, aged 18 and 20.”

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