Early Christmas delivery as twins are born in PCH car park

Christmas Eve Twins.jpg

Published 10.01.22

A local mum celebrated Christmas early after delivering her twins in the car park at Peterborough City Hospital on Christmas Eve.

The mum-to-be had stopped off to get some fuel for her car in the late afternoon when she suddenly felt her waters break. It wasn’t long after she had arrived back home that her contractions started and her sister-in-law had to drive to the hospital.

She said: “I asked my sister-in-law to get me a wheelchair to take us up to the delivery suite but when she came back I asked her to run inside to get someone because I could feel the baby’s head coming. When she returned I was already pushing and in the next breath, had to grab hold of the baby and ended up delivering baby number one, a girl, while the midwife who had since arrived, delivered baby number two, a boy.”

Twin one was born at 7.01pm weighing 4 pounds 2 ounces and was followed shortly by twin two at 7.09pm who weighed 4 pounds 1 ounce.

Ebony Reid, Midwife at Peterborough City Hospital said: “I had just finished my shift and was about to go home when I heard someone needed assistance in the car park so me and another midwife ran downstairs to help. When we arrived we saw a lady laid in the back of the car giving birth, the first baby had already been delivered and I delivered the second. It’s not unusual for women to sometimes give birth unexpectedly on route to hospital but these were my first Christmas deliveries so it was very special for me too.”  

Mum added: “This turned out to be the greatest Christmas present we could have asked for. I just want to say a huge thank you to my sister-in-law and the midwives who rushed to help me deliver my two little ones safely. Also to all the staff on the maternity unit who looked after me and supported me throughout my stay in hospital, you’re all amazing.”

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