Election held to appoint new Stamford Hospital governor

Election held to appoint new hospital governor


People living in the Stamford/South Lincolnshire area, who are members of the Trust that runs Stamford and Rutland Hospital, are being asked to vote for a new Public Governor to represent them on the Trust’s Council of Governors.

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, which also runs Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospitals, will launch its election on Friday 8 June 2018. Voting information is being sent to all local people who are members of the Trust, encouraging them to use their vote. The poll closes on 28 June 2018.

Four local candidates have put themselves forward for the voluntary role of Public Governor, to represent the views of members and residents of Stamford and South Lincolnshire. They are:

  • Andy Ebdon
  • Astrid Kuhn
  • Roberta Roulstone
  • Sarah Scarborough

Trust chairman Rob Hughes, said: “I would encourage our members living in our Stamford and South Lincolnshire constituency to use their vote so we can ensure our new Public Governor has the support of the local community. Having an enthusiastic and active governor body is extremely important to ensure our Trust continues to  deliver services that meet the needs of our patients.”

  • The Trust has a total of 17 public governors representing the patients and public served by its three hospitals – Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland Hospitals. This comprises six public governors representing Huntingdonshire, six representing Greater Peterborough and five representing Stamford and South Lincolnshire.

Notice of Poll 

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