Family donate Cuddle cot to Maternity Unit at Peterborough City Hospital

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Published 28.09.2022

The Maternity department at Peterborough City Hospital have received a heartfelt donation of a ‘cuddle cot’ from a family who sadly lost their baby at 20 weeks, last year.

Michelle Pullan has worked hard to raise funds to purchase this special cot after devastatingly losing little Fred. Michelle and her family took part in a six mile, 20 obstacle Tough Mudder Challenge in April this year, followed by afternoon tea parties, where over 40 trays full of sandwiches, homemade cakes and treats were made to help fundraise. In total, the family raised £2027 which helped to purchase a special cuddle cot that cools the baby in situ, allowing the baby to remain with the family, thereby providing the family time they want. They also bought 10 memory boxes in honour of little Fred.

Michelle Pullan said: “As I was becoming isolated, the charity 4Louis got in contact with me and suggested small steps of positive distraction techniques with little Fred in mind. These small steps turned into me wanting to put my energy and emotions into a legacy and help others through the darkest times of their lives.”

Lesley Carline, Bereavement Specialist Midwife at Peterborough, said: “We are always incredibly grateful and touched that parents who have experienced the loss of their babies can find the time and strength to fundraise and donate items such as the Cuddle Cot to us. Being able to spend unhurried time with a baby that has been lost can be one of the most positive elements of their lifelong journey as they grieve, and this gift will help other parents and families to do that too.”

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Woman climbing net

Michelle taking part in the Tough Mudder challenge

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Afternoon Tea spread made by Michelle