Frailty Virtual Ward supports patients in their own homes

Frailty ward.jpg

Frailty patients can receive care in their own home and avoid a stay in hospital, following a successful pilot of a Frailty Virtual Ward at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust.

Working very closely with the Greater Peterborough Network, the Frailty Virtual Ward was established to help eligible patients living with frailty avoid a hospital admission by receiving care in their own home. One such patient, who benefited from the Frailty Virtual Ward, is the ward’s first patient, 90-year-old, Lawrence Hall.

Mr Hall was admitted onto the Frailty Virtual Ward after attending Peterborough City Hospital’s Emergency Department following several falls and contracting a urinary tract infection. Lawrence spent five days on the virtual ward and received care at home from community nurses from Greater Peterborough Network, before being deemed well enough to be discharged, care that previously would have been provided in hospital.

Mr Hall commented on his stay on the virtual ward, saying, “I am very happy with the service I received and felt happier being able to receive care at home and avoid a stay in hospital.  I would recommend this service to anyone.”

The Frailty Virtual Ward aims to provide safe and optimal care to adults with frailty, who may be presenting with urgent or emergency care needs. The team identify eligible patients aged 65 and above and living within the Greater Peterborough area who have a condition that can be managed in the comfort of their own home, for a duration of one to fourteen days.

The Trust continues to develop virtual wards for specialist needs, so that patients can receive hospital quality care, in the comfort of their own homes.