Friends of Hinchingbrooke donate new patient equipment

Friends of Hinchingbrooke donate new patient equipment

Tony Byatt Equipment Library Hover Mattress

Staff at Hinchingbrooke are benefitting from new equipment to help them lift patients, thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

The Hover Jack and Hover Mat system aims to reduce the occasions when a scoop stretcher would normally be used, helping to reduce the risk of back injuries to staff.

Rolf Stobbart, Moving and Handling Advisor, said: “This equipment will not require anyone to lift a patient at any time and it will also make you think about what is needed for a lateral transfer. Now, the patient will be lifted on a cushion of air and slide from one surface to another with the aid of only two staff.

“The feedback from staff so far has been very positive. I must give great thanks to the Friends of Hinchingbrooke, who kindly donated this to the hospital from charitable funds.”


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