Friends of Stamford Hospital help during pandemic

For The Love Of Scrubs masks

Matron of Stamford Hospital, Caroline Wood would like to thank the Friends of Stamford Hospital (FoSH) for their invaluable help during the pandemic.

The FoSH has raised money for Stamford Hospital since its charity began in 1963, when the NHS was only 15 years old and there were still many gaps in what was available to make the hospital more comfortable for patients.  Their donations have been used for a wide variety of purposes, including extra pieces of equipment to help improve patient experience and treatment at the hospital.

In the last few months, FoSH have donated money to ‘For the Love of Scrubs’ (FTLOS), a group set up in response to the pandemic to support local hospitals with sewing PPE items such as scrubs and face masks.  They have donated £300 for materials in order to help FTLOS make masks to be sold Stamford Hospital, with the money made being put back into Friends of Stamford Hospital donation pot.

Matron Caroline said: “Both FOSH and FTLOS have been so generous in their donations and I wanted to say thank you for such generosity. Individuals have gone above and beyond to create such beautiful scrubs, ear protectors, uniform bags and face coverings through FTLOS. The Friends of Stamford Hospital have been unable to fund raise during the pandemic as we have had no visitors on site, so being able to donate back into their funds has really supported those who support us.”

If you would like to become a Friend of Stamford Hospital details of how to join can be found on their website: