Generous donation to cancer wellbeing centre

Wendy and Ron Sentance Donation 2
Staff at the Cancer Wellbeing Centre based at Peterborough City Hospital were grateful to accept a donation from the family of a couple who received palliative care from the Trust.

Husband and wife Kate and Peter Shears, along with Kate’s son Bob Davis, donated £200 in memory of Bob’s cousin Wendy and her late husband Ron, during a recent visit. 

Wendy and Ron Sentance were both treated for terminal cancer at Peterborough City Hospital and their relatives were so touched by the care the couple received that they decided to sell a painting which Bob had been left in Wendy’s will to fundraise for the centre.

Peter said: “We often saw the nurses coming and going to Wendy and Ron’s home and we wanted to be able to give something back to the people who cared for them both”.

Bev Goose, Lead Palliative Care Nurse said: “We are so thankful for all donations to the centre, they help us to provide a range of treatments, advice and support structures for people who are living with cancer. To know that the service we provide touches so many lives, including family members makes our roles so special.”