Generous donations made to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Staff working on NICU, at Peterborough City Hospital received various donations for families to use in the parent’s room. 

The generous gifts, including items for siblings, were given to the hospital by Serenity Loves and Give Back Peterborough. Serenity Loves, a local hair and beauty salon, choose a charity to support every Christmas and decided to pick ‘Give Back Peterborough’ this year - who have projects running to support NICU and Amazon children’s ward. They raised funds in various ways including a sponsored skydive. 

The special room in NICU is a space for families to make food and drinks. The parents are usually in the unit 24/7 and having these facilities available means they don’t have to go far from their babies to get refreshments and have a break. 

Julie Ince, Deputy Sister of NICU, commented “Give Back Peterborough regularly provide overnight toiletry bags to parents using items donated by the public. The ward doesn’t have a budget to keep replenishing food and drinks so it’s wonderful to receive donations. The charity also support Amazon Children’s Ward providing similar items for the parent’s room there. 

“We would like to thank Give Back Peterborough and the team at Serenity Loves for their fundraising efforts. The items donated make such a difference to our families at what is a difficult time for them.”

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