Half of Trust staff vaccinated against flu

Half of Trust staff vaccinated against flu

Hinchingbrooke ED team are vaccinated against flu

This week North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust is celebrating that half of their workforce has been vaccinated against flu, less than one month into their annual flu vaccination programme.

The flu campaign, which began on 9 October, has seen a total of 3231 staff receive the vaccine to date, which equates to half of the Trust workforce. This figure not only comprises medical and clinical staff, but also includes those in catering, clerical, security and domestic roles.

Chief Nurse, Jo Bennis, said: “I would like to thank  staff in all our hospitals for their readiness and enthusiasm to have the vaccination, which has put us in a great position to achieve our target of 75%.

“For the majority of people who catch it, flu is unpleasant but not life-threatening, however for some of our already unwell patients, flu could cause serious complications.

“The level of uptake we have seen to date demonstrates our commitment as a Trust to keep our patients, visitors, friends and family flu free this winter.”

If you haven’t received your flu jab yet speak with your GP or local pharmacist. It is recommended you have a flu jab if you are aged over 65, pregnant, have a weakened immune system or long term health condition, are living in a care facility, or if you work in health or social care.

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