Hospital Closure - Important Information for Staff

We declared a Critical Internal Incident at Peterborough City Hospital this morning due to severe problems with the water supply onsite. 

Following the latest control team meeting, the following decisions have been made:

  • All outpatient clinics and elective surgery has been cancelled. Please can all affected staff report to their line managers for further instruction immediately. 

  • We have initiated a full divert to our neighbouring hospitals and patients will not be permitted entry in ED unless in life-threatening circumstances

  • All visiting has been cancelled until further notice. This MUST be adhered to unless in extenuating circumstances

  • Admin staff not needed as part of the operations team must consult with their line managers as to whether they can work from another site today.


Please be aware that none of the toilets or sinks onsite can currently be used. We are working to provide alternatives with ward areas being made a priority.