Local photographer donates baby photos to Maternity Department

Local photographer donates baby photos to Maternity Department

Photographer Emma Saunders with Nikki Griffin and Esther Dorken

A collection of newborn baby portraits adorn the walls of the Maternity Department at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, following a generous donation from a local photographer.

Emma Saunders, who runs Olivia Rose Images in Peterborough, donated a selection of black and white and colour images to the labour wards at both Peterborough City and Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

She said: “I wanted to display my work where it could be enjoyed by others and felt the hospital would be the perfect location. The photos are of babies in natural positions, using a white colour palette to represent the pure and delicate nature of newborn babies. I have also donated a set of black and white prints that resemble how babies sit in the womb, curled up and snug.

“I hope expectant parents and their families enjoy looking at the photos while they are waiting in anticipation for their little ones to arrive.”

Esther Dorken, Acute Services Lead Midwife at Peterborough City Hospital, said: We are very grateful to Emma for her generous donation. The photos are beautiful and help us create a more welcoming and personable environment. We have received lots of positive feedback from expectant parents, their relatives and staff on the ward, who have all enjoyed looking at them.”

If you would like to find out more about Olivia Rose Images, please visit: www.oliviaroseimages.co.uk

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