Local taxi firm donates £20,000 to Hinchingbrooke Hospital to improve staff facilities

Local taxi firm, Steve’s Taxis which is based in Huntingdon and St. Neots, has raised a huge £20,000 which they are donating to Hinchingbrooke Hospital to improve the facilities that staff use during their breaks. 

The £20,000 was raised by the taxi firm by giving 10p from each customer’s fare over the past year. 

Steve Woodham, Owner and Managing Director at Steve’s Taxis commented, “We were motivated to raise the money because we take a lot of hospital staff back and forth to work, and we were aware that they were, and still are, under a great deal of pressure because of Covid. 

“We want the money to be used to make staff facilities better so that they can have a decent break when on shift. I am now going to raise money through one of my other companies so we can provide something else that the hospital needs. 

“We would like to thank our own staff for helping to raise the money. We all have families and our drivers kept working, even though some of them had vulnerable family members, because they all wanted to do their bit to help.”

Caroline Walker, Chief Executive Officer at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust added, “It was great to meet Steve and thank him in person when he came to the hospital to present the cheque. On behalf of myself and Trust staff I would like to say

thank you and that we are really touched and grateful that Steve’s Taxis thought of Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Being able to have a break in nice surroundings is really important for staff.

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