Lockdown recipe book is a huge hit

Lockdown recipe image.jpg

Three friends have sold 200 copies of a recipe book, with proceeds going to Hinchingbrooke Hospital, after cooking up a plan during isolation.

Heidi Dorrington, Zayheda Khan and Lorraine Ward arranged for friends and family to send recipes to a Facebook page called ‘Stukeley Chefs in Isolation.’

TV chef Jamie Oliver even got involved by sending his own recipe to feature in the book.

The three friends thought it would be a great isolation project and the books have been really popular with the money raised being donated to the palliative care of COVID-19 patients, and their families at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Heidi Dorrington, said: “We’ve had an outstanding response from the local community and we are fortunate enough to have a recipe submitted from TV Chef Jamie Oliver and another from the lead singer, Bernie Shaw of the British rock group ‘Uriah Heep’.  We were put in contact with Jamie’s team by a member of staff from North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust - Mel Coloma, which has really helped to increase sales and the number of recipes submitted, we are very grateful for Mel’s help with this.”

Caroline Walker, CEO at North West Anglia Trust, added: “We are incredibly grateful for the thought and consideration that has gone into this project. It is a lovely idea and we are so pleased that so many people have got involved. The money raised has been set aside for palliative care patients and relatives affected by COVID-19.”

If you would like to pre-order a cook book, you can by emailing isolationcreations@yahoo.com