Meet the Patient Experience team - Jayne Kenyon

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During Experience of Care week we're introducing you to members of the Trust's Patient Experience team and the other services we can provide to improve your experience of our hospitals. Jayne Kenyon is our Patient Experience Manager.

As the Patient Experience Manager for the Trust, my role is predominantly to identify ways of improving the experience of care for patients; this includes family members and carers.  I am responsible for ensuring that patient experience is measured, monitored and improved.  I also undertake the statutory reporting to the NHS governing bodies, i.e. NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups etc. 

There are various means of data available to identify trends where services can be improved or where the Trust is performing well. This includes national surveys, local surveys, Friends and Family Test, Complaints, PALS, Healthwatch, Clinical Commissioning Groups, and social media.  

My role is to triangulate this information, highlighting any issues or good practice and to pass it on to the appropriate staff for further action; this could be an action plan to improve services or conveying accolades to staff members where good experience of care has been recognised.  I benchmark the Trust against other Trusts of a similar size to compare patient experience performance indicators and I am also involved in various projects to improve patient experience.  

I work closely with the Head of Patient Experience in coordinating the Patient Experience Group (PEG).  The PEG consists of public members and NHS staff members who work together to improve patient experience by undertaking various projects and by scrutinising Trust performance reports.  

I am responsible for managing the front of house service at Peterborough City Hospital, which consists of a team of four receptionists.  It is vital that the reception desk is manned at all times, that the first impression of the hospital is good and that the reception team are caring and compassionate at all times.  The reception team deal with a multitude of events and varying circumstances on a daily basis and it is, therefore, essential that they have the relevant training and skills to be able to offer an excellent customer service; we pride ourselves on delivering the best experience of care at the first port of call at the hospital.

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