New cutting edge technology helps trainee doctors

Temporal bone simulator.JPG

Published 06.06.2022

A new piece of cutting edge technology has been provided for trainee doctors at Peterborough City Hospital to help improve training opportunities thanks to a charitable donation.

The ENT, Head and Neckdepartment at Peterborough City Hospital have purchased a Temporal Bone Simulator and is one of the few hospitals in the country to receive this cutting edge technology.

The simulator is a piece of software that reconstructs life-like images of the temporal bone, located next to your ear, which can be viewed in 3D on the computer screen with 3D glasses. The software comes equipped with a stylus for each hand, one which simulates the function of a drill while the other simulates as a suction conduit allowing trainees to gain a realistic example of what operating a mastoid drill is like in theatres.

The Temporal Bone Simulator costs around £50,000 and has been funded by the North West Anglia Hospitals’ Charity and the East of England Deanery COVID-19 Recovery Fund.

Due to the pandemic the decision to purchase this piece of equipment was accelerated as training opportunities were lost, not only within the Trust, but nationwide. By purchasing the simulator it is expected to bridge the training gap as trainees are able to repeatedly use this software and get confident in their surgical practice.

Mr Ajmal Masood, Clinical Lead for Head and Neck at Peterborough City Hospital said: “We are thrilled to be able to procure this fantastic piece of equipment thanks to the North West Anglia Hospitals’ Charity and East of England Deanery. This gives our trainee doctors the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the equipment and procedure and builds their skills and confidence.”

Philip Fearn, Charitable Funds Manager for North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The Hospitals’ Charity is delighted to be joint-funding this incredible piece of technology, which will have a significant impact in the training of our junior doctors. These kinds of purchases are only made possible by the significant support of all who donate to the Hospital’s Charity – a big thank you to them.”

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