Jane Day

Jane Day is an Anticoagulation Nurse Specialist at Hinchingbrooke, Jane said: “Many moons ago when my idea, and public perception of nursing, was very different I made the decision to embark on my training. The idea of being able to help others when life is hard and deals them a poor hand and also work with the most amazing piece of engineering, the human body, appealed and still does. There have been times when I have questioned that choice but there have been many more times when I’ve realised what wonderful opportunities it has given me. 

“I trained at a world renowned hospital and have worked with some amazing, inspiring colleagues. The bulk of my career has been at Hinchingbrooke, and more recently at the merged NWAnglia FT, in a specialist nurse role. Every year has brought its challenges, not least of all the last couple of years where everything seems to have been turned on its head and new ways of working rapidly emerged. Teams were pulled in all directions but always seemed to pull together in the best interest of the patients and their colleagues.

“For me Nurses’ Day offers the opportunity to reflect on achievements and those around you that work tirelessly to provide the best care for the patient and opportunities for improvements in often very challenging situations. This year I will be spending it with an excellent team of people!”