NWAnglia NHS Foundation Trust launches Smart Digital Care programme to enhance patient care


We are actively looking at ways to make the most of digital tools, systems and data to enhance the way we work and the service we provide to patients.

The Trust was awarded funding as part of the NHS Digital Aspirant programme in April 2021 to develop a digital strategy and an outline business case for an electronic patient record (EPR). This enables us to build on our existing innovations, understand where the gaps are, and work towards a digitally mature service that makes it easier for patients to access services and staff to deliver quality care.

We want patients to have better access to information about their care, and clinicians to have easy access to patient records and a more holistic view of their needs.

Geraldine Wingfield-Hill, NWAngliaFT Chief Digital and Information Officer said: “The benefits of digital healthcare for patients and staff have grown rapidly in recent years – particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are on an exciting journey to continuously improve the tools, system and information we rely on so that we can provide safe, quality and efficient care in response to growing demand.

“This isn’t about making every interaction digital – much of our work will be focused on giving clinicians the right tools and data to enable them to spend more time with their patients. We’re already reaping the benefits of new innovations and we feel very positive about the potential benefits for our patients as we progress our digital ambitions.”

The Smart Digital Care programme is a long-term initiative that will see us engage with patients, staff and wider stakeholders to build on what's already working well and accelerate progress where it's needed most.