Our Emergency Departments are very busy

Exterior photo of Peterborough City Hospital

Our Emergency Departments are very busy, please help us keep this service for those with the most serious conditions or in life threatening emergencies. Whatever your healthcare needs, we want to make sure you receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. You can help ease the pressure by choosing the right service for you when you need medical help or advice. Not only will this help you get treatment you need faster, but help us ensure we can prioritise healthcare for those most in need.  Get the right treatment when you need it and find information on local services alongside how you can help to keep yourself and your family well.

We remain open as usual for all services and patients should attend appointments unless otherwise advised, and we are continuing to see cancer and urgent cases as normal.

If you have an appointment that you are not able to attend or is no longer required please contact our Outpatient Enquiries team to cancel or change your appointment.