Patient receives guard of honour after beating coronavirus

A 42 year-old patient received a guard of honour as he left Peterborough City Hospital after spending 3 weeks in Critical Care fighting coronavirus.

Staff lined the corridor and clapped as Stacy Mould from Ely was discharged to continue his recovery at home.

The father of 5 was brought to hospital via ambulance when he began to experience difficulty breathing at home. He was then transferred to the Critical Care Unit where he was put on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Stacy said: “At first I thought had the flu, but after four or five days I realised something wasn’t right. It felt ten times worse than flu. A couple of days later, I couldn’t catch my breath. My wife rang an ambulance and I was blue lighted to the hospital where they took me to Critical Care. I don’t remember much from that point, but I’ve been told that I text my wife to tell her not to panic, but I was going to sleep for 3-4 days.”

Stacy was very poorly but gradually his condition started to improve and after 3 weeks he was taken off the ventilator to breathe by himself again.

Stacy added: “The doctors and the nursing team on Critical Care were brilliant. I received one-to-one care on the ward and it made a big difference having that one person you could rely on to support you and keep you calm. They also made sure that my wife was kept up-to-date and knew what was happening throughout the time I was there. I can’t thank them enough.

“My wife, Sarah has been amazing. Even though she was worried about me and busy looking after the children, she still found the strength to start fundraising for the hospital to thank them for the care I had received. The target was £500 but she has now raised over £2,500 with help of family and friends. I don’t know how she does it, she is a star.”

Once his condition improved, Stacy was moved to Ward B12 for 5 days where he continued to recover and receive support from the rehabilitation team. 

He said: “The physiotherapist said I was doing well to progress to walking quickly and I think that was down to the lifestyle I usually lead. I play rugby and use the gym regularly, so I am quite fit and healthy. Now that I am home, I am doing my physiotherapy exercises and managing more and more steps every day.”

Stacy is one of more than 350 patients who have been successfully treated for Covid-19 and discharged home from Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke or Stamford and Rutland Hospitals. 

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