Patient Representatives Needed

Our Patient & Public Voice Partnership (PPVP) is made up of people who represent
our patients, carers and community. The group is an important way for us to improve
our services for everyone.

The PPVP meets throughout the year to highlight the experiences of people using
our services. It meets with senior teams to find solutions to issues affecting patients
and carers. The members of the group work on projects to make improvements to
care and promote patient involvement and engagement.

We caught up with one of our Patient Representatives, Mark Underwood, to find out
more; “I was diagnosed with a serious illness back in 2006 and since that time I've
engaged where possible in various activities encompassing what is known as
Patient, Public Involvement. My reason for doing so is simple, and stems from a
desire to somehow repay the fantastic care I've received to date from so many
health care practitioners.

“Although initially involved in an NHS Cancer Forum back in 2006, I felt the need to
spread my wings and quickly moved on to working with various NHS organisations
as a Patient Representative in many different areas. In recent months I've been
working with the East Midland AHSN on the 'Peoples Network' which is a project
aimed to get more members of the public and patients involved with PPI, pointing out
how precious, useful and enlightening such involvement can be for clinicians and
rewarding for those who engage. We recently conducted our introduction zoom
meeting, which included presentations, breakout sessions and was attend by over
ninety participants.

“I would personally encourage everyone who has the time to become a PPVP Rep
since it is not only rewarding on a personal level, but provides a patient perspective
to the operation of the Hospital Trust, which can be highly beneficial for future
patients. Never worry that you have no experience since we all have to start
somewhere and the North West Anglia Foundation Trust PPVP is a good place to
start, without a doubt.”

If you want to learn more, find out about roles that are needed on the patient experience page!
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