Peterborough City Hospital leads the way in Dementia research

Peterborough City Hospital leads the way in Dementia research


Peterborough City Hospital has been commended after becoming the first site in the country to recruit ten patients to an innovative clinical research study in Dementia.

The hospital is one of 20 sites taking part in ASCRIBED, an observational study that compares markers of inflammation and injury found in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid of people with and without confirmed dementia who are in hospital undergoing treatment for a fractured hip.

Alan Pope, Clinical Research Nurse, said: ““Research suggests that major injury such as a hip fracture can cause problems with memory in the future, but there is little research into why this happens. The ASCRIBED study explores this relationship to understand the effect of inflammation on the development of Dementia.”

Since the study opened at Peterborough City Hospital in June 2017, the team have recruited 28 patients which is over a quarter of the total number of patients recruited to the study nationally.

“We have a robust procedure in place for identifying patients that are eligible to participate in the study,” said Alan. “Overall, we have received a positive reception from patients, the majority of whom have been very keen to be involved.” 

The study is run by the University of East Anglia and funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK.


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