Refurbished courtyard to create beautiful hospital wellbeing garden

Published 30.06.2022

Staff at Stamford hospital will be able to enjoy a time of rest and reflection following the completion of the wellbeing garden thanks to the North West Anglia Hospitals’ Charity.

The charity donated £22,287 to the project, which meant that work could start on the project last autumn and is due to be completed in the coming months.

Caroline Wood, Matron for Stamford Hospital said: “We’re really pleased to be able to develop one of our outside spaces into a beautiful garden for our staff to enjoy. We hope that this will give staff the opportunity to take a few moments to relax and enjoy the outdoors, which will also support their health and wellbeing.”

Staff and volunteers have been on site most weekends to help with the groundwork, painting benches and planting trees and bushes to create a serene environment.

Caroline added: “I just want to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer and member of staff who have helped to get this project underway. Thank you to the Hospitals’ Charity for their donation and all the businesses who have contributed their equipment and time to really move this along, it’s all been a huge help and we wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you.”

Philip Fearn, Charitable Funds Manager for North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Supporting staff wellbeing is one of the charity's main objectives, particularly given our staffs' heroic efforts over the last two years. The Hospitals' Charity is delighted to support the Stamford Hospital Wellbeing Garden, and we hope it proves to be a haven for our hard-working staff for many years to come.”

Work is due to be completed within the next few months with the finishing touches being added in the form of a mural, which will be on all four walls of the courtyard, including a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore for all that he did for the NHS.

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