Rehabilitation Equipment Amnesty

Walking frames in the rehab department

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust is appealing to patients who may be having an early Spring clean clear out to return hospital equipment that they no longer need or use, as part of its latest equipment amnesty.

The amnesty will concentrate on Rehabilitation equipment, although any items found would be welcomed, and will emphasise the need for patients to return any hospital equipment they no longer need. It will run from 22 January to 23 February 2018.

Across the 3 sites approximately 10,500 items of equipment are lent out from the hospitals’ own stock. Not all of this is returned to the hospitals, so the Trust is appealing for patients who have benefitted from using equipment to bring it back so that others can also do so.

Equipment which is returned, such as walking frames, commodes, toileting equipment, perching stools, bed levers, crutches and walking sticks, will save the Trust money as it means that new items will not have to be purchased. 

Katie Hill from Rehabilitation Services said; “We’re encouraging people to clear out their sheds, lofts and garages and return our equipment.

“Any equipment that is returned will be sterilised and cleaned to high standards before being re-used, where possible, to the benefit of other patients”. 

People can return equipment to the main reception desks at Peterborough City Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital or to the physio department at Stamford Hospital. 

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