Saying it with flowers


A beautiful floral display, complete with balloons and bunting, appeared at Hinchingbrooke Hospital yesterday. Nichola Fitzgibbon and her husband Lloyd, who live nearby, wanted to thank the hospital for all their hard work by making the exquisite display, and put it on the grass outside the hospital on the main road for everyone to see.

Nichola said: “The letters – THXNHS – not only represent the words Thanks NHS, but relate to the new text to donate facility that the Trust has adopted in light of all the queries of how the public can help the staff at this challenging time.”

The facility allows the public to make a text donation which goes to Over & Above, the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust’s charity. All monies received via text will go directly to help our staff with the little extras that members of the public so want to give that will bring smiles and treats to our staff’s faces during this challenging time.

Jo Bennis, Chief Nurse at the Trust, said “We are so grateful to Nichola and Lloyd for this beautiful display that encapsulates the gratitude that the public are showing to the NHS at this time. The text to donate campaign will allow members of the public to support staff by enabling the little extras such as hand creams, toiletries, snacks, wellbeing packages and so on to be handed out on their behalf.”

Administered by the National Funding Scheme and operating as DONATE, people can donate by texting the following numbers:

To donate £1, text THXNHS to 70201    
To donate £3, text THXNHS to 70331
To donate £5, text THXNHS to 70970
To donate £10, text THXNHS to 70191

Details of the Trust Charity are available at  Full details of the text service are available at