Specialist wheelchair donated to Hinchingbrooke Hospital


A specialised “Phoenix” wheelchair has been donated to Apple Tree Ward, at Hinchingbrooke. This will directly benefit many patients who have complex stroke needs and other neurological conditions.

The wheelchair which cost £3,000, was donated by the Friends of Hinchingbrooke Hospital, a charity that provides a link between Hinchingbrooke Hospital and the community raising funds for the hospital.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team chose this particular chair after physiotherapists working on the ward trialled lots of different versions and found the Phoenix model to be the most practical and functional. The chair gives people who may be bed bound a degree of mobility and provides staff with an easy way to move them around.

Wendy Candlin, Physiotherapy Team Lead said: “The chair will be used regularly. It is easy and light to move, compared to other wheelchairs. It has many useful functions, such as being wipeable, so it can easily be used multiple times per day. The chair has head, trunk and back support and also a tilt in space function which makes it very adaptable and means we can tailor it to individual patient needs.

“It also helps users to overcome pain and discomfort, encouraging them to focus upon what they can do, rather than their disability. We would like to thank the Friends of Hinchingbrooke Hospital for their generous donation it will make a big difference to both patients and staff on Apple Tree Ward.” 

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