Stamford and Rutland hospital attracts huge support for Bra Bank

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Published 10.11.2022

Stamford and Rutland hospital staff have thanked members of the local community for binning their bras in the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

The hospital, part of the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, has collected a staggering 78 boxes of unwanted bras – weighing a combined 391 kilogrammes - in the Bra Bank scheme since February 2020.

It is estimated that this has raised some £274 for research into secondary breast cancer.   

The bank is emptied on a regular basis and cash raised from the recycling and redistribution of the bras continues to support the work of the Against Breast Cancer.

Many of the bras are given a new lease of life and are recycled by small business in developing countries in Africa and around the world.

As well as preventing them from going to landfill, they are donated to women in countries including Togo, Ghana and Kenya, where bras remain expensive to produce locally.

Stamford and Rutland Hospital Matron Caroline Wood said: “Myself and the team would like to say a massive thank you to all the ladies of Stamford and surrounding areas who have and who continue to support this worthwhile initiative.

“So many people have benefited from their donations, the latest of which come on the back of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Not only does the incentive help to fund vital and potentially life changing research, but actively changes the lives of many women in developing countries.”

The Bra Bank is located just inside the main entrance of Stamford and Rutland Hospital.

Stamford and Rutland hospital Matron Caroline Wood with the Bra Bank in the main reception.

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