Trust celebrates Outstanding Staff via Virtual Awards Ceremony

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Staff working at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust celebrated the outstanding dedication, hard work and achievements that have been made following one of the most challenging years in the NHS on Friday 10 September. 

The Outstanding Achievement Awards for 2019 to 2020 was celebrated virtually and watched via a video link for all staff to join and support each other as the award nominations were read out and the winners announced. 

The event last year was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Trust wanted to ensure that individuals and departments were commended for going above and beyond in incredibly challenging circumstances. All of the Executive Team presented the different categories, which represent each of the Trust values and all of the nominees are monthly winners from the Trust staff awards throughout the year.   

One of the award winners, for Living Our Values: Caring and Compassionate, was Donna Cowell, Healthcare Assistance on Ward A2. Donna built up a good rapport with a patient who had been declining assistance with personal care. He hadn’t had a bath for eight years, lived alone with no family support, had reduced mobility and was very unkempt. Donna ran him a bath and spent two hours letting him have a soak, helping him with shaving and washing his beard. The patient said he was extremely grateful for this and said he felt as if he had been treated like royalty. 

Another winner for the Living Our Values: Seeking to Improve and Develop, was Laura Doyle, Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse. Laura implemented an idea for a lady who had been an inpatient for almost a year. The patient had not had many opportunities to build any new memories with her newborn baby or other children and she wanted to be at home for as long as possible before she died a dignified and peaceful death. Laura came up with the idea that the patient could undergo cycles of chemotherapy at home, which would help her to achieve her final wishes. Laura created a safe policy and set of guidelines for this and truly listened to the patient and made a huge difference to her experience. 

The Unsung Hero award went to Magda Osigwe. Magda was made aware that a patient was really struggling and severely anxious before undergoing a procedure. The patient didn’t speak much English, so communication was difficult and there wasn’t an interpreter available at that time. Magda came in and started speaking to the patient in their native language, which provided some immediate reassurance. She remained with the patient during the procedure and Magda then also returned the following day, despite this being her day off, to come in and support the patient once more. Magda went above and beyond what is expected of someone in her role and lived up to every single Trust value. 

Caroline Walker, Chief Executive for the Trust, ended the ceremony by presenting a Special Recognition award to all Trust staff saying: “This last 18 months has been extraordinary and I want to express my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of our staff. We know that individuals and teams across the Trust have felt extreme pressure like nothing we have ever experienced before. The stories we have shared this evening have been inspiring and heart-warming and I am so proud of all of our staff members who continue to go above and beyond for our patients and eachother.” 


Notes to editors 

Living Our Values: Caring and Compassionate – presented by Chief Nurse, Jo Bennis

Winner – Donna Cowell, Healthcare Assistant on Ward A2 at PCH

Highly Commended – Emma Wilson-Jones, Amazon and Paediatric Assessment Unit Sister at PCH and Naomi Costello, Healthcare Assistant on Ward A8 at PCH 

Living Our Values: Working Positively Together – presented by Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kanchan Rege

Winner – Nickie Forrester, Senior Medical Secretary in Paediatrics

Highly Commended – Janine Jarman, Critical Care Educator at PCH and Fracture Clinic Team at PCH. 

Living Our Values: Actively Respectful – presented by Chief Finance Officer, Joel Harrison

Winner – Kathleen Walker, Health Records Manager at PCH

Highly Commended – Caroline Etheridge, Housekeeper on Walnut Ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital 

Living Our Values: Putting Patients First – presented by Chief Nurse, Jo Bennis

Winner – James Honey, Pharmacist at PCH

Highly Commended – Dr Jakki Faccenda, Respiratory Consultant, The Therapy Services Team at PCH, The NICU nurses at PCH. 

Living Our Values: Seeking to Improve and Develop – presented by Dr Arshiya Khan

Winner – Laura Doyle, Ward Manager for Women’s Health at PCH

Highly Commended – Mandy Ward, Head of Communications 

Unsung Hero – presented by Phil Walmsley, Chief Operating Officer

Winner – Magda Osigwe, Healthcare Assistant at PCH

Highly Commended – Sarah Ronaghan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Paula Wilkinson, Occupational Therapist and Neil Hunter, Stores Manager 

Team of the Year – presented by Louise Tibbert, Chief People Officer

Winner – Trust Medical Equipment Team at PCH

Highly Commended – The Medical Education Team at Hinchingbrooke and Intensive Care Units at both PCH and Hinchingbrooke

Behind the Scenes Superstar – presented by Caroline Walker, Chief Executive Officer

Winner – Munir Cande, Healthcare Assistant on Cardiac Ward at PCH

Highly Commended – Jess Hinkins, Operational Delivery Support Team Administrator at PCH