Trust is among UK’s top performing hospitals in national survey

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Peterborough and Stamford NHS Foundation Trust has received its best ever rating following results of the 2015 National Inpatient Survey. The survey, which is carried out annually, is benchmarked by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and compares all Foundation Trusts in the UK.

The Trust featured among the top performing hospitals for seven of the survey questions answered, and received improved scores for 48 other areas. “We are extremely pleased with this outcome,” says Lesley Crosby, Deputy Chief Nurse. “This survey looked at the experiences of over 550 patients who spent time being cared for in our hospitals during July last year. Feedback from our patients is absolutely vital to us - we use the findings to help us identify where we can improve our services and to allow us to build on the excellent service we already provide. It’s a huge reassurance that the hard work and dedication of our staff is being acknowledged by our patients, at a time when the NHS is pressured.”

The areas the Trust received the highest scores were:

  • Operations and procedures
  • Patients not having to share bathroom facilities with the opposite sex
  • Patient and nurse communication – nurses not talking over patients
  • Staff taking time to clearly explain details to patients about their operation
  • Staff answering questions from patients
  • Patients receiving helpful advice on what to expect following their operation

For the remaining 57 questions, the Trust has improved in 48 of those areas, compared with 2014. The result was the same in four areas, however the score in five of the survey questions identified areas that the Trust needs to focus on in the coming year, had decreased. Two of these were around being interrupted by noise during the night. “There are some areas that we still need to work on and we will now develop an action plan for the next 12 months,” says Lesley. “Overall, these results reinforce the excellent CQC report we received and further embed our commitment as a Trust, to go from Good to Outstanding in respect of quality care."

You can read the full survey results here.

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