Trust launches My Pregnancy Notes

Following collaboration with NHS Digital, K2 Maternity Systems and Maternity Voices Partnership, the Trust is to launch a brand new look to maternity online notes.

My Pregnancy Notes aims to achieve the vision which has been set out by Better Births, by fully embedding the personalised care plan, enabling women to access their maternity notes and information through smart phones or other devices and improving the overall maternity experience within the Trust. It is expected to launch mid-December.

There are a number of benefits such as:

  • More streamlined referral to our service
  • Ability to share information enabling the midwife to have a more personalised initial conversations
  • Record and view appointments
  • Capture personalised care planning and support relevant to the stage of pregnancy
  • Easier access to pregnancy records
  • Provide women with greater visibility, control and access to trusted information
  • The reduction or removal of barriers between women and healthcare professionals enabling women to give access to their records to other healthcare professionals outside of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust.

For more information you can read this leaflet or watch this video

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