Welcome to our new Governors

Published 15.07.2022

Three new Public Governors have been appointed to join the Council of Governors at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust – which runs Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Peterborough City Hospital and Stamford Hospital.

Michelle Nebel has stepped forward to represent members living in Stamford and South Lincolnshire. Michelle, who lives in Ryhall, is a volunteer for Evergreen, secretary of the Stamford food bank and past secretary of both the Stamford Patient Participation Group and Empingham Medical Centre Patient Participation Group.

Alison Mackie has taken up a governor role within the Huntingdonshire constituency. She is a retired HR professional who retrained as a secondary school teacher and is a member of the patients’ forum at her local GP surgery.

Jane Pigg has stepped in to a vacancy within the Trust’s Greater Peterborough constituency. She is a former long-serving employee of North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, having retired from her post as Company Secretary in 2019.  She has been a Peterborough resident for more than 30 years.

Three new Staff Governors have also been appointed during a nominations process run in June. They will represent the views of staff members at each of the Trust’s hospital sites.

John Boulter, who works in Technical Services, and Chaplain Roger Cresswell have taken up two vacant Staff Governor posts to represent colleagues at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Elaine Brock, who works in the phlebotomy team at Stamford and Rutland Hospital, has been appointed to be a voice for her colleagues at the hospital.

Trust chair Steve Barnett, said: “I would like to welcome our six new recruits to our Council of Governors. It’s great to see people wanting to become more involved in the way their local hospitals are run. Our Governors represent the interests of the patients, public and staff members served by our hospitals and play a vital role in the way we both develop and deliver our services. I know I speak for my colleagues on the Board of Directors and Council of Governors when I say we are all looking forward to working with them.”

The new Governors will join the next Council of Governors meeting on Thursday 18 August at 10am.

More information:

  • The Trust has a total of 17 public governors representing the patients and public served by its three hospitals – Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland Hospitals. This comprises six public governors representing Huntingdonshire, six representing Greater Peterborough and five representing Stamford and South Lincolnshire.
  • Since running the latest Governor nomination process, the Trust has five Governor posts that are vacant – one in the Stamford and South Lincolnshire constituency and four in the Greater Peterborough constituency.
  • A new nomination and election process to appoint to the vacant posts will begin later this summer.

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