Covid-19: Staff Hub

Staff at #TeamNWAngliaFT, on this page you will be to complete your Covid-19 risk assessment as well as self-refer for a Covid-19 test, should you either present symptoms or come into contact with a Covid-19 positive.

It is crucial that all staff, contractors and volunteers are able to ensure their own safety when working at the Trust. To do so you must first know your level of risk.

Please complete the appropriate risk assessment form by expanding the section below.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive your Covid-19 Personal Risk Outcome, and this will dictate the next steps you take.

Staff attributed a score of 9 points or more must meet with their managers so the manager can complete a mitigating actions form. This is electronic if the person is registered on ESR or can be downloaded from the tabs below if they are not.

Staff scoring 8 points or fewer are given the option to meet with their manager. If they request to do so, the manager is obliged to arrange a risk mitigations meeting and complete the appropriate form.

Covid-19 Staff Swabbing Form

Please visit the correct section based on your employment situation within the Trust

Please click here to complete your Covid-19 Personal Risk Assessment. You will need to log in when prompted using your NHS Mail details to access the forms.

When you have completed your risk assessment, your line manager will be notified and can follow this link or the one provided in the notification to record the outcomes of your mitigating actions meeting.

Please click here to download the homeworking risk assessment form. You can download the homeworking code of practice here

Please click here to complete your Covid-19 Personal Risk Assessment

Recording Risk Assessment Outcomes is mandatory.Please click here to download the mitigation record form.

You should complete this with your line manager, keep a copy for yourself and give them a copy to retain for their records.

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