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Everyday in the catchment area* for Peterborough City Hospital 49 people are diagnosed with cancer and there are nearly 95,000 people living with cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support and the Cancer Wellbeing Service are working together to provide services in the Robert Horrell Macmillan Centre and elsewhere in the hospital to improve the experience of people affected by cancer in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

In 2015 Macmillan Cancer Support funded a project manager to oversee the Peterborough Cancer Wellbeing Project. Their role was to identify existing local services that can meet the needs of people with cancer, their family, carers and others affected by cancer, as well as identify gaps in these services. From this work the new Cancer Wellbeing Service opened its doors in the Robert Horrell Macmillan Centre in September 2016.

The Cancer Wellbeing Service, run by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust at the Peterborough City Hospital, provides a wellbeing, support and information service for anyone affected by cancer. Specialist staff are available to offer advice and a listening ear.  There are also a wide range of support services available, including individual or group support and information sessions.

* Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

Cancer Wellbeing Service

Address: The Cancer Wellbeing Service, The Robert Horrell Macmillan Centre (Car park H)

Cavell Close, Peterborough City Hospital,

Bretton Gate,

Peterborough, PE8 9GX

Opening Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-4pm and Friday 9am-12.30pm

Call: 01733 678570

Email: nwangliaft.cancerwellbeing@nhs.net 

Cancer Information and Support

Where to find us: Based in the Haematology and Oncology outpatients department (Car park F)

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Call: 01733 673118

Cancer information and support

Where to find us: Woodlands Centre, Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Tel: 01480 416416 ext 8348

Email: nwangliaft.cancerinfohinch@nhs.net

The Cancer Wellbeing Services offers a wide range of various one to one support topics, such as: 

Welfare Benefits - personal advice session on benefits and financial support

Wills Clinic - this session is provided by Buckles Solicitors LLP, providing support in drawing up a basic will, free of charge

Back to Work - gain advice about returning to work whilst recovering from cancer; including planning your return, managing fatigue and communicating your needs confidently 

Healthy Lifestyles - individual sessions learning how small changes to diet and exercise can improve your quality of life and health

Whatever the Future Holds - the service provide specific support for those who have a diagnosis of incurable cancer, and can support those people's family and friends as well

Individualised Support with Challenging Emotions - you can access therapeutic intervention sessions to help you manage the impact of cancer on your life, including your confidence, mood, motivation, anxieties and frustrations. We use a variety of approaches to empower you to cope

Headstrong - book an individual appointment with trained volunteers who help you to find scarves and caps that suit you. You can take one free scarf home with you

Acupuncture - can be used to reduce common side effects of cancer treatment in men and women such as hot flushes and numbness. 

The Cancer Wellbeing Services offers a wide range of course and workshops available to you, such as: 

Moving On Workshop - this afternoon teaching session covers many of the topics people struggle with after curative treatment has finished

HOPE Course - this is a six week course covering common concerns following cancer treatment, such as tiredness, fear of recurrence and becoming more active. The group focuses on taking small steps to move forwards

Managing Fatigue Course - understand the causes and impact of fatigue. Learn how to increase your energy levels and pace yourself

Sleeping Better Workshop - this workshop will help you to explore why it can be hard to sleep at night and learn techniques to having a better quality sleep

Brain Training Course - learn how to manage and improve memory and thinking after cancer treatment

Look Good, Feel Better - this is a ladies group session where beauty therapists guide you through applying make-up, helping you to feel more like you

Skin Fitness - this is a session for men, teaching skin care and helping you to feel better in yourself

Talking with Children about Cancer - offering guidance with supporting children and teenagers when an adult has cancer

Acupuncture - can be used to reduce common side effects of cancer treatment in men and women such as hot flushes and numbness. 

The Cancer Wellbeing Service offers a range of exercise activities for you to access: 

Cancer Rehab Course - this is a bespoke 8 week course run in partnership with vivacity fitness. People move through a circuit of fitness and strength exercises adapted to suit your individual needs. 

Tai Chi - this is a Chinese exercise system that has been used for 400 years. It exercises both the body and the mind and can improve your balance, posture, mobility, flexibility and co-ordination.

Pilates - this is a beginners' class aimed at improving the muscles that help with everyday posture. 

Nordic Walking - this is a style of waling, using poles, which helps to strengthen and condition your whole body.

Chair based exercise - this is a lively and fun session but can be tailored to be gentler for those who are struggling to build exercise into their life. 

Our wellbeing Art Specialist works with small groups and, where appropriate, on an individual basis. People are encouraged to work on bespoke projects which promote wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. The sessions allow protected space and time to focus attention entirely on creative takes and provide a positive distraction from illness-related anxieties. 

Previous art and craft experience is not required. There is an opportunity to learn new skills in: 

  • glass painting
  • model making
  • origami
  • pyrography (burning images onto wood)
  • 3D decoupage (layering pictures creating a three-dimensional effect)
  • Victorian decoupage (over-lapping 2D images)
  • Mosaics