Pat's Story

Pat Turner.png

I was directed to attend the Well Being Centre by my consultant. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer on the 20th December 2018, after further tests I had a mastectomy on the 8th March 2019. I did not wish reconstruction because of my age.

At one of my consultations with Mr Goh it was suggested I might find going to the Well Being Centre helpful. I contacted the centre and had a conversation with Caroline about the facilities available at the centre.

I booked into several courses and met Caroline and Kristen. I really enjoyed all the courses I attended and got a lot of help and reassurance from them. I also found they had an art morning on Wednesday and Friday so my husband and I came along to a session. Malcolm was invited to join with me. He brought along his art equipment as well.

After my operation I could not get back to my watercolour painting and popping along on a Wednesday or Friday morning I was encouraged to restart. My first picture was that of a Kingfisher. I loved every moment of doing this and found I started to have ideas to do more work. I met some very sick people who like me were scared of the future. They were all very friendly and helpful. I made many friends and looked forward every week to going along for a session.

The support and care I received was wonderful. Both Mary and Marianne were constantly giving support and encouragement to us all. I am so sorry it all had to stop because of Covid 19. To my delight I have just started back on the “Hope” course which again is very interesting and helpful. This is being run under Covid restrictions.

The Well Being Centre is a very worthwhile facility. I personally have memory lapses and often feel under the weather and exhausted but the facility has really helped me as I am sure it has for many others. Long may it be there.

Mary Pat Turner