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The Cancer Wellbeing Service have produced a number of free downloadable resource packs that cover a variety of subjects. These packs provide top tips to the reader that will help them to understand and manage subjects such as relaxation or fatigue. 

Simply click on one of the headings below in order to download your free resource guide. 

We have a small library at the Cancer Wellbeing Service containing books covering a range of topics. They represent only a fraction of the sources available but they have been selected and reviewed by the team for quality and accuracy. If you would like to borrow books please feel free to come and browse our selection, or if this is not possible contact the team who will be happy to help. 

Don't forget we also have a range of written materials from Macmillan and other reliable sources which are free and available at our Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centres at Peterborough and Hinchingbrooke and at the Cancer Wellbeing Service in the Robert Horrell Centre in Peterborough . 

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It is difficult to completely stop flushes and sweats. But you can usually reduce their severity and how often they happen. It is often best try a combination of approaches, which are highlighted in or free resource pack. 

Click here to download your free Hot Flush resource pack. 

Being able to relax and feel relaxed is hugely important. Our free Relaxation resource pack offers you top tips on how to feel relaxed. 

You can download your free copy of our relaxation resource pack here.

Many people affected by cancer struggle with sleep. It may be that you have always struggled to sleep and it has recently got worse, or maybe you previously didn't have any problems but now are finding it very difficult. 

Click here to download your free Sleeping Better resource pack.

It can be difficult to follow a healthy diet when you are living with or beyond cancer. Cancer and its treatments can affect the way we eat in all sorts of ways. This resource pack provides you with some general tips about eating healthy. 

Click here to download your free Healthy Eating resource pack.

When you are living with or beyond cancer you may not feel motivated to exercise for all sorts of reasons. But being active can have lots of positive effects on your wellbeing!

Click here to download your free Exercise resource pack. 

Fatigue is different to any other type of tiredness you have experienced in the past, people often refer to it as a 'brick wall'; pushing through fatigue is almost impossible. 

Click here to download our free fatigue resource pack.