Information for carers

Information for carers

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The Trust appreciates that carers play a vital role in the care of our patients and we have signed a carers charter to demonstrate our commitment to working with carers.

We aim to offer carers extended visiting hours, the option to stay overnight and concessionary parking where appropriate. There is also a sitting service offered by our chaplaincy team and volunteers.

Partners, relatives and friends often do not identify themselves as carers and as a result do not get the support that they need. To help recognise carers and aid them in accessing the support available to them, the Trust has appointed a Carers' Advisor, Teresa Jude.

Carers are often unaware of their own health and wellbeing and it is important that they take the opportunity to have their free carers assessment. You can find out more about the carers assessment below. 

If you would like to contact Teresa, please call 01733 677997 or email:

Teresa Jude, Carers Advisor

Under the Care Act 2014, all carers are entitled to a free carer’s assessment from their local authority. The assessment is a series of questions that not only assess the carers needs and what they provide, but also the impact, both physical and psychological, that caring for someone has on them. From this, the local authority can determine the help and support the carer is entitled to.

If you live in Cambridgeshire and would like a free assessment, please contact Carers Trust on 01733 645234.

If you live in Lincolnshire, please contact Carers First on 01522 782224.