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Your organs, your choice....

Before you start: Whatever you decide, please talk to your loved ones as they will always be consulted, and can overturn your decision if they are not sure what you want.

Organ donation information 

In England the Organ Donation law changed on 20 May 2020 to allow more people to save more lives. All adults are now considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to donate or in one of the excluded groups. You still have a choice whether or not you want to become an organ donor, and can register or amend your decision at any time.

The excluded groups are:

  • Those under the age of 18.
  • People who lack the mental capacity to understand the new arrangements and take the necessary action.
  • Visitors to England, and those living here voluntarily
  • People who have lived in England for less than 12 months before their death


The new law was introduced as there has been tremendous progress in organ donation but there is still a shortage of donors.

What you need to do is register your decision and record your preferences. This can be amended at any time.

However, you can only withdraw your details from the NHS Organ Donor Register if you have previously recorded a decision.

No one is automatically added to a list so unless you record your decision on the NHS Organ Donor Register we will not hold any details about you or your preferences.

If you record a decision to opt out, you are expressing that you do not want to donate your organs and tissue after death. That decision is added to the Register and will be respected in the event of your death.

It is important that you share your organ donation decision for a number of reasons as your family will be consulted if you can possibly donate when you die.

  • Out of consideration to your family
  • They may have more current information about your donation decision than anything recorded on the NHS Organ Donation register
  • Your family can tell us about any particular requests or requirements you have, to ensure that organ donation goes ahead in line with your faith and beliefs
  • The information your family provides would help ensure your organs are safe for others to receive

If you do not have close family and friends, or prefer someone else to be consulted on your behalf you have the option to use the NHS Organ Donor Register to nominate a trusted representative.

How we can help 

We can offer support to bereaved families knowing that their relative has registered their wishes and make it a much more positive experience for everyone when the time comes.

We have senior nurses and specialists in Organ Donation who have skills in care, compassion and communication to support families throughout the end of life period. We work closely with the Department of Health to ensure the organ and/or tissue donation is offered to a person where appropriate.

Our Trust has an Organ and Tissue Donation committee that meets four times a year. The committee is made up of a Senior Nurse who specialises in Organ Donation, a Senior Doctor who is the Trust’s lead on organ donation, representatives and Clinicians from our Emergency Department, Critical Care, Theatres, Chaplaincy, Mortuary, members of the public and representatives from other Ethnic Communities.

We have established contact with schools in the area so that senior specialist nurses together with the chairs of the committee who are actively involved in this initiative go out and give presentations to year 12 or 13 students about this sensitive subject. We have chosen this age group as they are a group more likely applying for a driving license and moving into adulthood.

We encourage questions and offer to talk to students after the presentation about this subject and give them the opportunity not to be present if at any time they feel distressed by the subjects being discussed. We have established over the years relationships with schools in the Area but wish to expand this initiative further.

As Peterborough, Huntingdon and their surrounding areas together with South Lincolnshire have an increasing and diverse population we are also keen to speak and support other religions and faith groups.

Find out more and record your decision


You can also record your decision through the NHS App

Call the Organ Donor line 0300 123 23 23

If you are hard of hearing please use the text relay service; 18001 0300 1232323

Text 07860 034 343