Patient Experience

Patient Experience is what a patient, carer or visitor experiences while in our hospital and the link to their own or family member’s health outcome. Good care is linked to positive outcomes for the patient and is associated with high levels of staff satisfaction. 

Evaluating patient experience, along with patient safety and patient care, is essential to health care quality. By asking, monitoring and acting upon our patients’ feedback, the Trust is able to make improvements in the areas highlighted by patients and key stakeholders. 

How do we collect patient experience feedback at the Trust?

Feedback and data collection      

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Our Patient & Public Voice Partnership is made up of people who represent our patients, carers and community. The group is an important way for us to improve our services for everyone.

The group meets throughout the year to highlight the experiences of people using our services. They meet with senior teams to find solutions to issues affecting patients and carers. They work on projects to make improvements to care and promote patient involvement and engagement.

To find out more contact Maria Finch, Head of Patient Experience by email or call 01480 416416.


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